Thursday, June 3, 2010

andrew's graduation.

on may 8th, andrew graduated.

we dressed, we drove - just barely getting there in time - for andrew to walk across the stage, shake hands, smile for cameras, and have his journey honored in a way that only a graduation ceremony can.

there was a moment when they asked spouses of graduates to stand. i felt that lump in my throat rise as i stood, realizing that these last two years have meant so much more than a degree.

for our marriage, for our friendship, for our sanity, we have struggled to rely on a strength not our own. at times, successfully; other times, not so.

nonetheless, in doing so, we reap immeasurably the graces of a God who knows no measure. He has sustained us when very little else could.

i know so much of our experience is perception, but these past two years have been tough. we've been stretched and bent and forced through some things. but it is all as it should have been. what a wonderful journey.

perhaps when things settle down, i'll find the pics...

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