Wednesday, February 17, 2010

art institute

we're not huge hallmark holiday-ers, but we can appreciate a good valentine's day celebration when need be. that said, this year i cooked up the idea of our going to easily one of my favorite places here in chicago, the art institute, to celebrate saint valentine and enjoy some incredible art. amazingly, i've been there 3 times, but andrew had never been. how this can be, i'm still not sure, but remedy the situation, we did.

even though the camera died, we persevered, enjoying a lovely (free admission!) day.....and in true grad-school style, we packed our own pb&j's for lunch, snickering at the lines of people waiting to eat an artfully arranged arugula salad in the cafe. i mean, COME ON, what's more artful or inspired than pb&j?!?

ultimately, it was a fully inspiring day. we forgot about school for the day, enjoyed being buddies, playing games in the galleries, picking out our favorite installations. in a sense, we fed our souls not only with some inspirational art, but with the joy of carelessly hanging out.

{and of course, the big finale came with dinner....we tag-team cooked milanesa - by andrew's request...a blessing of a day, it was, indeed.}

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