Thursday, February 19, 2009

what recession?

Immediately following our wedding last April, family members and friends alike were informed of our somewhat risky financial investment.  This twenty-five pound bag of white rice:

More than one person was quick to point out that it would take us a lifetime to consume all this rice.  "Watch out for weevils!" and "Better get an appetite for stir-fry quick!" were the cries of concerned family members.  But thankfully, Andrew and I performed thorough research and consulted with a number of experienced investors prior to our purchase, and the results - despite recent market volatility - have been exceptional.

Pot-roast with rice, stir-fry with rice, french-onion soup and beef-broth rice, beans and rice, even rice pudding have all made it into our daily diet line-up.  I'll leave out some of the more embarrassingly distasteful rice experiments (*a-hem*, rice and fish casserole - yes it was disgusting).   

Amazingly, here we are, ten months into our little recession-proof pantry item, and it looks like we're almost ready to do some dividend re-investing.  I'm considering buying into a more exotic grain of rice, possibly basmati or jasmine...any suggestions?

Pretty market savvy for 2poorgradstudents, don't 'cha think?

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