Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ode to an update

Photo taken by Daddy Paul in Argentina over Christmas break.

Currently, I am lounging, leisurely studying and fulfilling various school obligations on a couch in the Bourgeois Pig Cafe - click on "Gallery" to see some fun pics of it.  My friend from school, Kjerstin, suggested it, and so here we are, both studying away.  It dimly reminds me of Common Grounds at Baylor, but with a sophisticated, almost bourgeois-esque, ambience (hence the name).  Oriental rugs, chandeliers, burgundy paint, urbanites and students alike, all listening to classic opera music while sipping lattes and eating lemon-poppy seed muffins.  We're having fun!  I walked here this morning - it's down the street from our apartment.

Andrew is in classes all day today at Wheaton.  It's been a hectic couple of weeks for him, as he's been perusing various internship sites and trying to decipher which ones for which he should apply.  So far, he's received 4 interviews - with several other sites waiting in the wings to schedule interviews with him.  I think he's gonna be a hit with all of them!  He already had an interview with Outreach Community Ministries that was promising, although he is unsure as to whether he would gain the most experience with them or not.  He is hoping to gain the most experience possible as an intern, and most of the advice he's received is 'to get experience in a hospital setting or somewhere where you see the worst of the worst.'  So, currently, this is a concern with lots of options for which we are prayerfully considering.

The last two weeks have been a verifiable whirlwind.  School demands have quickly caught up to us, but we've also had time for some FUN.  The weekend before last, I went to the Museum of Science and Industry to celebrate Lara's birthday (another friend from school).  During the month of January, most Chicago museums have several 'free days' to entice local residents to get out on subzero days when the sky has decided to dump 14 inches of fresh powder on the ground.  Such was Lara's birthday, but we enjoyed navigating Chicago's public-transit-land in the midst of a blizzard white-out.

Despite our increasing school demands, both Andrew and I are looking forward to this semester/quarter.  Andrew's classes are continuing in depth, and he has begun a family genogram project (for which some of you may be receiving calls).  I am enjoying my classes so far.  On Mondays, I have an eight hour class with one professor.  It is proving to be a true test of endurance.  Usually by the 6th hour, my eyes have glazed over, and I am struggling to decipher complete words from the lecture.  I can see the teacher's mouth moving, but it is in slow-motion, and all I can hear is low-pitched droning - like when a tape gets stuck in the player and the song suddenly slows down and sounds sleepy.  On Tuesdays, things pick up with an eight-hour clinical where I provide full nursing care to a patient on a medical-surgical floor.  I have classes interspersed throughout the remainder of the week - including one on Saturday mornings from 8am to 12pm - ugh!  Andrew has classes on Mon, Tues, Wed, so usually by Thurs, we are exhausted and both ready for a good night's sleep.  

Surprisingly, we've had sunny weather this week in Chicago.  It makes me want to go sledding or make a snow-angel or run around in circles outside with my arms in the air.  But, for now, I have to return to my studies.

love, love, and more love,

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